Tuscan Gunsmith


Tuscany, seventeenth century


Powder flask

Engraved iron

Size: cm 18 high




Finely realised and greatly preserved, the engraved embossed iron powder flask we’re going to analyse is provided with a loading spring at its spout. Soldiers used to carry such an equipment along to load their own firearms on battlefields, as of the late sixteenth century mainly.

Hunters used to take flask powders with them as well. They could load their rifles more easily, fire more quickly and then get their loot richer.

Trapezoid shaped, the longitudinal grooves of the body and the shape of the spout allow us to date the flask back to the early seventeenth century.

Its upper portion is embossed by using the same technique Tuscan craftsmen and wood carvers employed to decorate their products. That allows us to assume the flask was realised by a highly skilled gunsmith of Tuscan Grand Duchy’s.    

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