Arms and Armours

Ever since man learned hunting to survive, weapons and defensive suits have constantly evolved over the centuries, gradually adapting to new needs of defense and offense. The great arms rooms of the past, usually located inside big castles, were a real pride for the owners, who used their weapons and armors both in the war field and in parades, to show off what today are real forge jewels. In effect, in the great workshops of master armorers and master gunsmiths, chiseling, fretwork and goldsmith real masters were working. Weapons were a great field of conquest for those important artists who, by serving the art of war, have managed to bring art into war. Weapons and armors always fascinated adults and children, being the dream of entire generations of collectors.

fire arms
Armi e Armature Firenze
Armi e Armature Firenze
Armi e Armature Antiche Firenze
Armi e Armature Antiche Firenze - Accessori
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