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Apulean ceramist

Apulia, 4th century B.C.

Material: Red figures terrotta

Size: 14,8 cm heigh

review by dott. Paolo Persano

A small jug, with an ovoid body and a trifoil rim, small and low base and a surmounting ribbed handle.

Its red figures decoration, inscribed in a metope having a wavy motif on its upper part, shows a female figure dressed in a peplum and turned on her right; she is looking backwards, holding a phiale in her left hand and a crown in her right one. Her body decoration is completed by small palms, and circular elements, on both sides of the female figure.

This work of art was checked by the “Carabinieri” (Italian police corp) Cultural Heritage Protection Unit of Florence, and was of legitimate origin, thus obtaining the authorization for sale by the Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendence for the metropolitan city of Florence and the provinces of Pistoia and Prato.

It is not possible to export it outside the Italian national territory, although it is not subject to a protection obligation by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage.

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